T-City projects

  • Together with public administrations, researchers, businesses, companies, organizations and citizens, Deutsche Telekom and Friedrichshafen put forward-looking ideas into practice modern telecommunications and information technologies, in order to achieve sustainable improvements in the quality of life in the city. 

  • During the five years of the project, more than 40 projects were implemented. They span across six project areas in almost all areas of life in the city. 

  • Learning and research: This project area includes services that give students and teachers flexible access to a range of learning content. 

  • Mobility and transport: This project area researches new services and solutions for mobility and transportation.

  • Tourism and culture: Not only residents but also visitors to Friedrichshafen use the services in this project area. 

  • Citizens, the city and the state: Broadly centered on eGovernment, this project area is committed to improving the efficiency of administrative processes for residents and businesses in Friedrichshafen. 

  • Business and work: This project area covers innovative solutions for “mobile and connected work” as well as the Smart Metering project.

  • Health and support: This project area is testing telemedical systems designed to improve medical care. They also enhance safety and the quality of life for the elderly and chronically ill patients with diabetes or heart disease.