T-City on tour

July 12 to August 9, 2011

  • In the context of the “Intelligent networks” media road show, T-City used three events in Frankfurt, Leipzig and Düsseldorf to present projects from the innovative business areas at Deutsche Telekom. The Deutsche Telekom Annual General Meeting in Cologne served as a dress rehearsal for this. 

  • Futurists were present in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf to report on their connected life and their experiences with Smart Metering and HomeNetwork2.0. 

  • The intelligent network solutions for the health and energy sectors drew a lot of attention from experts, the media, as well as representatives of municipalities, businesses and associations.

  • www.dstgb.de from June 23, 2011: Road show “Intelligent Networks”: Health, energy and administration in the focus
    Excerpt: Many of the solutions that were developed in Friedrichshafen are (...) being put on display with a “road show” across Germany. “In the context of an expert-roundtable, we would like to get together with city officials, specialists in the energy and health sectors, as well as guests to discuss innovative ideas, concepts and challenges,” explains Oliver Kramer, T-City Head of Communications.