Kick-off for the Futurists

June 3, 2009

  • Out of 548 applications, the members of five family households, the residents in two student apartments, two single-person households as well as the nature kindergarten “The Good Shepherd” were chosen to be Futurists.

  • They tested modern information and communication technologies, which were provided free-of-charge by T-City, in their homes for at least one year.

  • A seven-person jury made up of representatives from the city, Deutsche Telekom, the Schwäbische newspaper, the college radio station Welle 20 and Samsung Mobile selected the Futurists.

  • Südkurier from June 5, 2009: Futurists test for the future
    Excerpt: Families, senior citizens, students or individuals who have an interest in innovative technologies and wanted to test them in their daily lives, could apply for this opportunity. This is exactly what Ute and Thomas Aisenpreis from Raderach did. The young parents applied because they just wanted to try out some new stuff. Educator Hans-Joachim Bachmann (...) wanted to show his family and pupils that someone over the age of 50 can still be interested in technology.