Launch of HomeNetwork2.0

July 2010

  • With HomeNetwork2.0, T-City began testing a solution for the intelligent networking and management of electronic appliances and supply engineering at home.

  • Many partners were involved in the development alongside Deutsche Telekom.

  • Users can use the system to switch kitchen appliances, heating systems and TV sets on and off, open and close garage doors and window shutters and adjust thermostat settings. Furthermore such functions can be used on the go, via mobile devices such as touch panels, iPads or smartphones.

  • Thanks to the programming function, lights, heating and shutters can be set to switch themselves on or off at specific times.

  • Residents in initially 50 households in T-City benefited from more comfort and security while making use of new possibilities for saving energy.

  • Project manager Hans-Jürgen Prell: “With HomeNetwork2.0, Deutsche Telekom is linking its broadband to the electricity network for the first time. In the future, the plan is to integrate telephony, IT and Entertain services as well.”

  • Südwestpresse from September 17, 2011: Turning off electrical outlets over the Internet
    Excerpt: With “HomeNetwork 2.0”, electrical devices, heating units and TVs can be controlled in the house via the Internet. Energy can be efficiently allocated. In Klaus Vogt’s home, 95 remote sensors have been installed on windows, heating units, lamps and electrical outlets. “When we ventilate in winter, the heating goes down,” says Klaus Vogt.