The first elimination approaching

Mid-November 2006

  • Preparations were in full swing in advance of the first jury meeting. Since the deadline on November 1, 30 employees prepared the city presentations for the jury meeting at the end of November. They worked on this in collaboration with the independent experts of Bonn University.

  • The most important aspects were: Which projects ideas did the city develop and how were they thought out? Do the projects promote the citizens to better network with each other and improve the quality of life in the city? To what extent does the joint application fulfill the requirement of integrating as many social groups as possible?

  • Jörg Bollow, T-City Project Leader: “Many participants have said to us: Working on the application in itself enormously promoted cooperation between various groups in our city and touched on many topics that we plan to follow up on regardless of whether we become T-City in February 2007 or not.”