Friedrichshafen became T-City

February 21, 2007

  • Deutsche Telekom CEO René Obermann announced the winning city in the T-City competition in Bonn. The mayor of Friedrichshafen, Josef Büchelmeier, accepted the certificate handed over to him by the CEO. 

  • With “T-City Friedrichshafen. Living the future” as its motto, the city near Lake Constance became a future lab and a partner of Deutsche Telekom for the next five years.  

  • “I’m thrilled that we won the project. I can literally hear the victory cheers of the Friedrichshafen residents all the way from here in Bonn,” said Josef Büchelmeier.

  • “We see T-City as a public ‘future lab’, the project is like a beacon of light,” said René Obermann.